Small Chicken Coops And More To Start Your Brood

Baby chickens need a warm place to grow. When I was a child, my parents would receive a package in the spring.  The package contained baby chickens. Dozens of them just a couple of days old.  They arrived from a nearby hatchery only a day old. Normally there were about one hundred and fifty in […]

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a cheap chicken coop for your hens

Cheap chicken coops come in all shapes and sizes. Growing up in rural America, we saw that most farms had a chicken coo.  You even saw them in town as well.  Many cities even made it acceptable to raise farm animals and birds. Raising or producing food at home was all too common. Here is […]

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a-frame chicken coop building

One of the easiest buildings to build is the A-frame.  And that is also the case with a chicken coop building.  The simplest form of an A-frame is two roof sections with a front and back. This A-frame . Designed for the backyard and urban farmer, the Portable Chicken Coop is an affordable and space […]

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chicken coop plan for your urban backyard

When I lived in Pittsburgh, I learned that ordinances allowed for farm animals in certain areas of the city.  I thought that was very cool. I started to look at the idea of raising chickens and looking for chicken coop plans to build a small hen house. I grew up on a farm and remember […]

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small chicken coop

small chicken coop to fit into a small yard

Imagine fresh eggs from your back yard. It’s easy if you can.  You can have a pet dog or a pet rabbit in your back yard. Why not chickens?  Chickens are easy to care for. They also grow quickly. Simply sprinkle some feed into their feeding tray. Keep them nourished and hydrated. Clean out the […]

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plans for a chicken coop to get the job done right

You’d think building a chicken coop would be an easy task.  However, that may not be the case.  The more complicated the project, the more important to have good plans for a chicken coop. Plans for a Chicken Coop is One Way There are three ways to acquire a chicken coop.  First, purchase a ready […]

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chicken coops cheap to build

Start with a simple structure and add a few parts and the next thing you have is a hen house. Build Chicken Coops Cheap No Angle Cuts! You don’t have to be an expert carpenter to put together a well-built shed. Only straight, 90 degree cuts are required no miters or complex measurements are needed […]

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