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Chicken Coop PlansWhen I lived in Pittsburgh, I learned that ordinances allowed for farm animals in certain areas of the city.  I thought that was very cool. I started to look at the idea of raising chickens and looking for chicken coop plans to build a small hen house.

I grew up on a farm and remember may parents raising chickens.  They purchased several dozen chickens in the spring.  Raised throughout the spring and summer and butchered them in the fall.

Raise Better Quality Food

People are becoming more health conscious about the quality of food.  When we rely upon foreign produced food, we have much less control on the quality. You have no idea how much pesticide has been used unless you have grown it yourself.

Raising Chickens is Not Rocket Science

Raising chickens is easy. It’s doable right in your own backyard. It’s possible to raise a few hens and have farm-fresh eggs when you walk out your backdoor. Chickens are about the easiest to manage.  They are quite trainable and easy to feed. 

 Feed your chickens good food and they will grow quickly.  Your selection of food you give the chickens will have a direct impact on the taste of the eggs you eat later.

Chicken Coop Plans

When it some to housing your chickens, you have dozens of options. Purchase a ready made chicken coop from a local utility building merchant. Have it delivered to your site and just add chickens. Another option is to purchase a chicken coop with some assembly required. So many choices are available to you from many parts of the country.

When it comes to cost, chicken coops can be constructed for a reasonable amount with scraps that can be found around the house. Obviously, the price goes up with a bigger brood. Coops can be pretty basic or very fancy depending on your taste.

If you would like hundreds of hen houses to choose from, go the direction of chicken coop plans.  There are so many available to choose from. Click Here for Chicken Coup Plans!

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