small chicken coop to fit into a small yard

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small chicken coop

small chicken coopImagine fresh eggs from your back yard. It’s easy if you can.  You can have a pet dog or a pet rabbit in your back yard. Why not chickens? 

Chickens are easy to care for. They also grow quickly. Simply sprinkle some feed into their feeding tray. Keep them nourished and hydrated. Clean out the tray once in a while and there you have it. Breakfast on the way. 

Small Chicken Coop

This Small Chicken Coop Fits Your Small Yard This brand new small chicken coop is made of fully treated and grooved wood. Coated with water based preservative. The paint can make your life healthy and beautiful. Its naturally insulating wood construction. Doors can be opened for easy cleaning. This coop is well designed with one Living House, and a Backyard Run area. All parts can be disassembled and assembled. This hen house can be divided into two parts. Easy to carry.

As you can see, this hen house is quite inexpensive. It’s also easy to move. 


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